Course Overview

Project management is one of the most complex fields of work. It involves an organised and yet, reactive application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet project requirements. This organised and reactive mix suggests the need for a structure amidst rapid changing requirements and unforeseen circumstances. The Agile approach has been advocated as one of the best approaches for project management. It provides a framework for flexibility and agility in the midst of chaos.


The first part of the course focuses on what Agile is and the application of Agile methodologies for project management. The second part of the course describes the conditions and process needed for Agile implementation in project management. Learners will not only gain knowledge on the Agile Approach but also learn how they can apply Agile methodology for effective project management.


Who Should Attend

Professionals who have intentions to manage a project or are project managers managing projects.


Course Duration

8 Hours| 1 Day : Facilitated Classroom


Course Outline

Unit 1: Understand the value of Agile and the different methodologies of Agile

  • Importance of Agile in project management
  • Agile Methodologies in project management

Unit 2: Understand the drivers and process of implementing Agile in an organisation

  • Conditions for Agile implementation in project management
  • Process for Agile implementation in project management


Mode of Assessment

Participants will be assessed through course written assessment exercises.


More Information
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