What's In It For Me

  • Gain knowledge and skills in applying human resource policies and procedures.
  • Learn to avoid pitfalls common during the development of policies.
  • Implement and manage polices and procedures confidently.


Course Overview

Employees are assets to an organization. HR professionals enable employees to contribute effectively to achieving organizational goals by ensuring that they are managed effectively through implementation of HR strategies and structured HR programs that are aligned to their organizations business goals.


However, these must be supported by HR policies and procedures to ensure transparency, consistency and orderliness in implementation of activities and processes related to these HR strategies and programs. An organizations business environment is dynamic. HR policies and procedures can provide clarification on HR strategic objectives and goals as well as guidance as to how human capital can be managed more effectively.


HR professionals must master the ability to develop effective and robust policies and procedures and deploy them as tools to support all aspects of their human resource functions. In addition to writing effective policies and procedures, an HR professional must also ensure that they are implemented and managed properly with support from other stakeholders.


This course provides participants with a better understanding of the purpose and roles of HR policies and procedures. It explores how HR professionals can develop them as tools to support their various human capital management functions. The course also covers how to develop and write policies and procedures that are relevant to individual organizations. Participants will also learn what are the critical considerations in implementing policies and procedures and challenges in managing and enforcing them.


Who Should Attend

All levels of HR Managers, Executives Business Partners who are required to make decisions, advise and manage a wide spectrum of human capital management matters.

Course Duration

8 Hours

Course Outline

  • The purpose and role of HR policies and procedures
  • The key elements of HR policies and procedures
  • How to align HR policies and procedures to HR strategies and programs
  • An effective structure to develop effective HR policies and procedures
  • Pitfalls to avoid when developing HR policies and procedures
  • Ways to obtain stakeholder buy-in and understanding of HR policies and procedures
  • An effective process for implementing HR policies and procedures
  • How to manage and enforce HR policies and procedures
  • How to conduct reviews of human resource policies and procedures


Mode of Assessment

Course Only

Certification Obtained and Conferred by

Certificate of Attendance from NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd
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  • (Local Institution) NTUC LearningHub
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