Through a Murdoch Double Major Degree in Cyber Security and Criminology, you will develop a broader grasp of various facets of crime, bolstering your criminology knowledge through the understanding of cybercrime and computer security.


Criminology is an analysis-driven field which delves into the inner workings of the criminal psyche, and with the rise of cybercrime and related technologies, this Double Major combination enables you to better understand criminal minds and combat crime in both the physical and virtual spaces.


Acquiring knowledge from both fields in topics such as “Cyber Forensics and Information Technology” and “Criminal Behaviour”, enhances your overall perspective of both subjects. This provides a competitive and professional edge, granting more career opportunities while also keeping your skills refined and relevant.


Study a Murdoch Double Major Degree programme to augment your Criminology knowledge with Cyber Security expertise, so as to maintain a unique competitive advantage in the Criminology field.


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  • (Awarding University) Murdoch University
  • (Local Institution) Kaplan
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