Cybercrime has quickly risen to become a top-level national security priority across the globe. Increasing the protection of data security, as well as reducing the impact of a network or database security breach, are the key challenges for IT security specialists.


In this Degree programme, you will gain a solid foundation of the theoretical and practical aspects of different dimensions of cyber security, such as network security, software security, system security measures and models, information security, computer forensics, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.


You will learn how to forensically examine digital evidence, identify and respond to threats and information security incidents, and develop the digital forensic and critical thinking skills to solve computer crime.


In the final year of your programme, you will take part in an IT Professional Practice Project unit. This will include working in a team with other students, and consulting with real clients to recommend, develop and implement new technologies to solve cyber security problems.


Students have the option to enrol in either single or double majors.


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  • (Awarding University) Murdoch University
  • (Local Institution) Kaplan
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