We believe that there are 8 intelligence in all of us (in each child). These intelligence (skills) help us acquire the knowledge around us. However, each of us have different combination of profile. In Sunflower, we aim to develop all 8 intelligences of the children. This way, children are empowered to make the most of their learning potential in school and in life. We will help all children to grasp the concept of "multiple intelligence" (MI) in a simple and down-to-earth form and that is to identify the 8 ways of being "smart".


Our curriculum provides hundreds of ways to develop all eight kinds of "smarts", and offers tips and resources for making the most of one's strongest intelligences and strengthening the others.

  • Integrated Thematic Approach (one theme each term)
  • Inline with NEL (Nurturing Early Framework) learning goals
  • Designed to develop the eight Multiple Intelligences.


At Sunflower we recognize the importance of providing children with the best standards of age-appropriate education. Staff training and curriculum reviews are conducted regularly to ensure that we maintain a high standard. Continual monitoring and improving the curriculum ensures that we are offer an increasing range of activities and experiences, which enable us to meet the individual needs of each Sunflowerkid.


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