My name is Gary Ang (math tutor) and my wife is Eileen Ang-Tan (chemistry tutor). We started Number Skill Learning Centre in 2004 because we love math and chemistry and want to help students not struggle so much with their exams! We understand what it’s like to be overwhelmed by complex concepts and exam stress. We help make math and chemistry easy for you so you aren’t stressed out by exams. You can stop worrying about your exam results because after you work with us you will see the grades you want to see.


We have been teaching since 2004. I (Gary) have a masters degree from NTU, NIE in Math and Eileen has a bachelor's degree in Life Science from NUS. We constantly see students come into our classroom worried and stressed out by how they are doing in school. But after attending our classes, they walk out of our classrooms confident and competent ready to take on their exams! Students see their results improve over time and eventually score "A"s for their "O" and "A" level exams. We also see parents who are worried, but after attending our classes, we see parents who are proud of their children’s results. Math and chemistry shouldn’t be so stressful for students. In fact, we believe that everybody can actually begin enjoying math and chemistry!


Years of Tutoring Experience
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