The Supply Chain Management course provides students with an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge to lead as global managers of people, projects and sustainable systems through supply chain management and information technology.


Supply Chain Management is the concept of moving and handling goods and materials, from the beginning of production to the end of sales process. It includes associated reverse flows such as produce and equipment returns, and recycling. It involves the management of activities including transport, storage, packaging, procurement, and inventory management.


The programme integrates theory with practical work applications and emphasises leadership, service, collaborative work, virtual team processes and internet-based communication.


It involves:

  • logistics performance measures and benchmarking procedures
  • world-class processes for customer service and order processing
  • inventory planning and management
  • supply chain integration
  • transportation, distribution and warehousing
  • logistics organisation design alternatives


Professional Accreditation

Graduates may be eligible for membership of the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) and the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Society (LSCMS) Singapore.


More Information
  • (Awarding University) University of Wollongong
  • (Local Institution) PSB Academy
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