The Bachelor of Science (Honours) Medical and Pharmacological Sciences degree is a broad based science degree which aims to integrate a wide range of subjects to enable graduates to translate basic laboratory medical research into commercially-ready medical technology and drugs that can be used to diagnose and treat patients. The required core subject areas are therefore human biology in health and disease, clinical physiology, pharmacology, pharmacogenomics, drug development, bioinformatics, numeracy, statistics and computing, and a broad coverage of instrumentation and analytical techniques encompassing separation techniques, identification and quantification procedures.


Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course successful students should be able to demonstrate a critical appreciation of:

  • Fundamental physiological concepts, processes and techniques, at the cellular, tissue, organ, systems and whole body level and their modification in disease;
  • The importance of physiological measurement in the investigation of disease in particular, focussing on the bi-directional interaction between physiology and pharmacology and the understanding of the molecular and biochemical processes that cause disease and the strategies that may be employed to combat or prevent them;
  • The classification and mode of action of drugs and newer biological treatments in development focusing on: pharmacokinetics and metabolism, drug design and formulation, bioavailability and the basis of clinical trial evaluation, and the comprehension and interpretation of experimental data.


More Information
  • (Awarding University) Coventry University
  • (Local Institution) MDIS
Duration Type
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  • MDIS Uni Campus, 501 Stirling Rd., Singapore, Central Region 14, Singapore

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