This course teaches students on how to investigate people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours using psychological research methods. This course provides a comprehensive foundation of psychological theory and research from a variety of perspectives and approaches.

  • The aims of this programme are:
  • To  give students a knowledge and understanding of the core areas in psychology consistent with ensuring that the programmes meet the British Psychological Society's accreditation requirements,
  • To enable students to make use of psychological research methods and to develop an awareness of ethical issues in psychology,
  • To provide students with the opportunity to carry out independent research in a psychological area of their choice,
  • To encourage the development of knowledge and skills ( including literacy, numeracy, communication and IT skills)  that will enable students to make appropriate career choices,
  • To provide opportunities for students to gain work experience,
  • To provide opportunities for students to gain experience of studying outside of the UK.


More Information
  • (Awarding University) Coventry University
  • (Local Institution) MDIS
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  • MDIS Uni Campus, 501 Stirling Rd., Singapore, Central Region 14, Singapore

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