With the proliferation of cable and satellite television channels, and the exponential growth of the Internet and mobile technology, video content has never been in so much demand.


Be it in the form of commercials, documentaries, music videos, social awareness campaigns, short fiction films, dance and fashion films, or educational and corporate videos, moving images tell compelling stories.


This programme will successfully prepare you for job roles in fields such as broadcast television, Internet and mobile technology broadcasting, as well as other emerging media formats, such as VR and 360 degree video production.


You will be engaged in producing highly creative and exciting collaborative projects, including music, fashion and dance videos, as well as live 4K multi-camera filming and live switching of important events. You will collaborate with other students, including fashion designers, musicians, actors and actresses, dancers, as well as fine and interactive artists, all under one roof.


This visually-oriented programme will provide you with the technical skill sets, conceptual problem-solving skills and creative acumen to embark on a successful career in this dynamic media landscape, as well as furnish you with a solid foundation for further study in the BA(Hons) Film Programme.


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  • (Awarding University) LASALLE College of the Arts
  • (Local Institution) LASALLE College of the Arts
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