Film resembles so many other arts, however it is in itself a unique medium. Film prizes the collaborative process, and the programme sits in a privileged position of being able to tap into the ecosystem of the various arms of an arts college. While doing so, the primary focus of the programme is to nurture its students to find their own voice through the art of cinematic storytelling.


This programme answers the call of the local and international film communities, which seek reflective practitioners empowered by the capacity for creativity and authenticity. Through practice-based learning instilled with critical thinking, you will be inspired to communicate within a cinematic framework and explore various narrative environments, such as short and feature films, documentaries and television commercials, with an emphasis on professional and broadcast standards.


While keeping with the current advances in technology, the programme also observes that these are mere tools in the overall architecture of content. Although new technologies always have and will continue to have an impact on the realisation of artistic works, the programme emphasises skills and knowledge that refer to the artistic and conceptual traditions in film, especially in the area of storytelling and all the film-related disciplines – from screenwriting, directing and producing, to cinematography, sound, editing and production design.


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  • (Awarding University) LASALLE College of the Arts
  • (Local Institution) LASALLE College of the Arts
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