The study of Fine Arts is a process of continual debate and questioning, of exploring and interrogating set perspectives. Contemporary fine art practice constantly negotiates with its surroundings and histories, in a role that is subversive and ever-changing.


This programme situates itself at the crossroads of contemporary Western and Asian cultures, acknowledging the demands of different worldviews. It unites specialised areas, from traditional disciplines to newer art forms, providing wider options of expression relevant to the global evolution of Fine Arts.


The curriculum is developed to encourage diversity and a broad-based inquiry into contemporary art practices, and to encourage you to delve into possible collaborations with other disciplines such as Science, Humanities and Technology.


Through a myriad of materials and methodologies, you will develop capabilities to become an interdisciplinary artist who is resourceful in the articulation of your research interest. You will be able to engage and approach your professional practice in a reflective and analytical manner, and manifest your unique point of view toward art, culture and society.


Modules such as Practical Studio and Contextual Studies aim to provide finesse in your development as an independent arts practitioner, and challenge you in areas of research, critical thinking and observational skills.


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  • (Awarding University) LASALLE College of the Arts
  • (Local Institution) LASALLE College of the Arts
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