The MA Arts and Cultural Leadership Programme at LASALLE offers arts and cultural managers the opportunity to deepen their capacity to catalyse change, develop new initiatives, and take on leadership positions in the arts and cultural sector. As Asia's economies further develop and its societies become more affluent, the role of the arts, cultural and creative sectors in sustaining economic, social and community development has become more evident. There is a need for arts and cultural professionals to play leadership roles as governments in Asia and elsewhere recognise the importance of the arts and creative economy.


At the same time, intersections between artists, the broader creative industries, and developments in technology have created exciting new formats for the presentation of contemporary artistic expressions and engaging publics (e.g., immersive arts experiences, multi-disciplinary collaborations), while recognition of the wider benefits of the arts has resulted in new partnerships with civic actors, organisations, and public agencies from other sectors (e.g., place-making initiatives, arts in healthcare settings, public participatory arts, and more).


Arts and cultural leadership is about creating an environment for the arts to thrive, for cultural diversity to flourish, for innovation in the sector to emerge, and to foster sustainable development that is based on respect for human rights, equality and equitability. Leadership is not necessarily tied to a position within an institution, agency or organisation; rather it is the knowledge, skills and ability to animate artistic and creative communities. Hence, the programme centres on nurturing the arts and cultural leader and manager who is creative, forward-thinking, and excels in participative management; who is able to adapt to complex environments to make contributions both to local communities and the international field; and who can take on leadership roles in communities, in public institutions, the private sector, and non-profit arts enterprises. The programme is designed to offer you industry knowledge and strategic management and entrepreneurial skills for the arts, as well as academic study of the arts. You will also have access to the opportunities offered by LASALLE's connection to the vibrant arts, cultural and creative sectors in Southeast and East Asia through an ongoing programme of guest lectures, artist-in- residence presentations and workshops, and more.


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  • (Awarding University) LASALLE College of the Arts
  • (Local Institution) LASALLE College of the Arts
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