Phang Yu Hon's trademark "First Class in Physics Tuition®" is not just about his First-Class degree, which is more common in research than the teaching profession. It's "Class" in every sense of the word.


Mr Phang Yu Hon is undoubtedly qualified to be a physics tutor for different academic levels in Singapore including secondary and JC level. His tuition classes can help students to maintain their excellent results, or provide the assistance needed to attain an A grade. Unlike other physics tutors in Singapore, Mr Phang focuses on pushing students to achieve the best results and is not satisfied with slight improvements in a student's grades. Throughout his years as a physics tutor in Singapore, he has helped many secondary school, JC and IB students achieve their desired results, exceeding the expectations of both students and their parents.


With his tuition classes, students can digest the more challenging concepts that they may not be able to grasp with just school classes alone. Apart from his thorough explanations, Mr Phang can also provide more stimulating questions that will ensure the students are kept on their toes and can constantly rise to the occasion; answering even the most difficult question.


Mr Phang has received numerous commendations from the press and is considered as one of the best physics tutors in Singapore.


Years of Tutoring Experience
  • charles
    December 6, 2019 at 10:19 am

    Abit pricey however the tutor is really good and knowledgeable hence I would say it is really worth it.

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