Apex Math Tuition is a small group tuition service dedicated to provide the highest quality math tuition at the most affordable prices. Rising tuition costs in Singapore has become a burden to many parents. Our mission is to reduce this burden. We sincerely believe that most students can benefit from tuition. Yet those who need it the most are least able to afford good ones.


Mr Au is a full-time math tutor and  mathematics book author dedicated to helping secondary school students in Singapore improve their competency in mathematics. With 9 years of maths tutoring experience, he is confident of his teaching approach and has helped many batches of students reproduce excellent results. As long as it is Secondary Level Mathematics, no matter which program you are in (IP, O-level, IB, GEP, N(A)-Level, N(T)-Level), Mr Au has handled them all. As a graduate from Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College, he counts himself fortunate to have met many inspiring teachers and tutors who helped him achieve academic excellence in both his O-Level (Yes…a time before IP came to RI) and A-Level. Now it's his turn to pay it forward to the next generation.


Years of Tutoring Experience
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