This is a one-year undergraduate top-up course validated by the University of Essex (East 15 Acting School), UK, which takes Diploma in Theatre graduates to the next level.


Diploma in Theatre graduates or applicants with equivalent qualifications in Applied Theatre as well as achievements in performance may find their niche in this course.


In addition to creative methodologies such as Viewpoints and Suzuki, you will learn professional development skills such as how to write a proposal and prepare for an audition.


In an environment that closely mimics the theatre profession, you will be encouraged to develop your skills in problem-solving and teamwork, eventually carving a career for yourself in the theatre industry.


Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the context, practice, techniques and application of a form of contemporary theatre
  • Engage in the creation and production of a stylised text through an understanding of appropriate performance vocabularies, techniques and working methods
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the possibilities of applying the Viewpoints method to performance creation, including using it to compose movement within a specified space
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the possibilities of applying the Suzuki method to performance creation and actor training
  • Select, develop, interpret, evaluate and perform appropriate materials for different types of auditions
  • Engage with employment opportunities proactively with an informed understanding of the variety of jobs in the theatre industry and beyond that require the skills of a trained theatre practitioner


More Information
  • (Awarding University) NAFA Academy of Fine Arts
  • (Local Institution) NAFA Academy of Fine Arts
Duration Type
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  • NAFA Campus 1 B4-18A, 80 Bencoolen st, Singapore, Central Region 18, Singapore

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