Course Overview

Service Innovation is one of the most powerful ways to achieve business excellence in today's market field. With Design Thinking fundamentals equipped in this programme, participants can apply these user-centric concepts across businesses such as product development and design, service touch-points, value-creation and enhancements and even to individuals and their personal lives.


Participants will undergo the Design Thinking framework, understand key insights, work through idea generation and evaluation as well as rapid prototyping through a series of interactive and fun activities. Learn the importance of framing insights, the desirability-viability-feasibility criteria model and the concept of minimal viable product / service.


Who Should Attend

Frontline service staff (i.e. customer service representatives, store advisors, service crews, etc.) from various industry sectors and backend support staff facilitating service delivery processes.


Course Duration

16 hours / Full-time


Course Outline

1. Recognise the importance of Service Innovation

  • Definition of Service Innovation
  • Importance of Service Innovation
  • Different types of Service Innovations

2. Generate Potential Service Innovation Ideas to Transform the Customer Experience

  • The Service Innovation Process
  • Your Role in Service Innovation
  • Enablers of Service Innovation
  • Sport REAL Serivce Innovation
  • Investigate Opportunities
  • Diverging and Converging
  • Two Methods of Dreaming - S.C.A.M.P.E.R and Picture Simulation

3. Evaluate Potential Service Innovation Ideas according to Organisational Criteria

  • Evaluating by Narrowing Down
  • It's time to vote
  • What criteria can we use?
  • Idea log
  • Mock-up: What is it?
  • Types of Mock-up
  • Stakeholders and Elevated Pitch

4. Present Mock - up of Service Innovation Ideas to stakeholders

  • Prepare your mock - up
  • Group presentation
  • ABCDE Method of refining Ideas
  • Following up on an idea


Mode of Assessment

  • Participants would be assessed through course assessment exercises.


More Information
  • (Local Institution) NTUC LearningHub
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