Course Overview

The course will provide students a basic understanding of Data Analytics using Python. Students wanting to enrol in this course should have attended the course Introduction to Coding


Who Should Attend

IT personnel


Course Duration

8 hours


Certification Obtained and Conferred by

  • What is Data Analytics

o  Identify the main outcomes of Data Analytics

o  Identify skill sets an Analytics Expert has

o  Define Data Analytics

o  Contrast Data Analytics with Business Analytics

o  Differentiate between Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

o  Describe CRISP-DM as an Analytics Methodology

  • Data Understanding

o  Explain what Data Understanding is

o  Identify Data Characteristics and Classifications

o  Explain and Execute Identification of Important Features using statistical tests

  • Data Preparation

o  Describe the Inputs required for Data Modelling

o  Explain and Execute strategies for Data Preparation


o  Describe Supervised Learning and Clustering

o  List the steps for Supervised Learning

o  List and Describe Common Models used in Industry

o  Compare advantages and disadvantages of different models

o  Execute an example of Supervised Learning

o  Execute an example of Clustering

o  Describe the measurements used to evaluate models

o  Describe and execute cross-validation

o  Apply and Execute the model on new data

  • Common Analytics Traps

o  Describe common Analytics Traps


More Information
  • (Local Institution) NTUC LearningHub
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