Data about customer browsing and buying behaviours can be found everywhere. From online shopping cart transactions, customer loyalty programmes to user reviews, there is a large amount of readily available information that can be translated into data-driven business decision-making.

Upon completion of this course, participants would have learnt how to use business information to analyse and predict organisation performance. They will also learn how to develop a logic-driven mindset that will help shape their ability to make strategic and effective decisions.


At the end of the course, the participants will be able to: 
• Demonstrate the importance of business analytics
• Apply the role of analytics in their decision-making process
• Differentiate the types of analytics and their benefits
• Identify hidden patterns or useful insights
• Present the identified insights in a smart format


More Information
  • (Local Institution) Kaplan
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  • Kaplan City Campus (Wilkie Edge), 8 Wilkie Rd, Singapore, Central Region 18, Singapore

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