Pursue a comprehensive education with a Murdoch Double Major Degree in Psychology and Criminology, and study a variety of interesting, complementing topics such as “The Developing Mind” and “Criminal Behaviour” respectively.


The Psychology field further expands on your foundational knowledge of the social bases of behaviour, with deeper insights into human psyche. This can help develop better understanding of the reasoning, motivations and cognitive processes of criminals, in order to better prevent and counter crime.


On the flip side, Criminology presents new opportunities for you to apply your knowledge. Through exploring criminal law and the justice system, you will be able to better adapt your Psychological techniques for crime prevention and deliverance of justice.


The knowledge and skills acquired from both majors may also build skills that have value even in other fields or in your personal life, such as analysis, research, understanding people better and being knowledgeable about crime.


Choose a Murdoch Double Major Degree programme to reinforce your knowledge and boost your employability in both of these exciting fields.



Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC)



Recognised by the Australian Psychological Society (APS)


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  • (Awarding University) Murdoch University
  • (Local Institution) Kaplan
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