Love exploring the motivations behind people’s thoughts and actions?


Psychology is the study of human behaviour and mental processes, encompassing many aspects of human behaviour from individual differences in personality and intelligence, to emotions, motivations, memory, thought processes and interpersonal relationships. As an applied discipline, it is aligned to a professional career as a “Psychologist”.


A Psychology Degree programme equips students with broad theoretical and practical knowledge of Psychology, as well as job-ready skills in analysis, writing, research, communication, and teamwork.


At Murdoch University, our Degree programme goes a step further, integrating the established basis of psychological knowledge and methods of investigation, with the latest developments in the field. It also allows students to enhance their learning by studying minors in related areas such as Criminal Psychology, Human Resources, and Ethics as well.


With a Psychology Degree, you will be well-versed in human cognition and motivations, and capable of exploring the wide range of career opportunities in this diverse field.


Students have the option to enrol in either single or double majors.



Recognised by the Psychological Society (APS)


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  • (Awarding University) Murdoch University
  • (Local Institution) Kaplan
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