I'm an ex-MOE teacher with years of teaching experience in Amath and Emath in schools in Singapore and England since 1999. I am a full-time tutor now, and I teach students from primary to secondary/IP levels. I have a degree from NUS majoring in Mathematics and a Post Grad Diploma in Education (Secondary) from NIE.


Most of my students had poor grades when they first started with me. Some even got U grade in their exams before coming to me. Under my coaching, they progressed to being confident in the subject and continue to achieve distinctions consistently. My primary school students obtain A/A* in their PSLE. My secondary students obtain A1 in O & N levels and my IP students obtain A* (for above 85% in IP stream) in their exams. I had also previously taught in premium tuition centres taking mainly Secondary and IP classes.


Every student can do very well in Math provided that they are given the right guidance to have a good understanding of the concepts. I strongly believe everyone is capable of achieving excellent results as I have seen many of my students succeeded in doing so.

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  • National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Bachelor Degree majoring in Mathematics from NUS, Post Grad Diploma in Education (Secondary) from NIE
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