Located just a short walk away from Jurong East MRT, and nestled conveniently in the heart of the International Business Park, Mulberry’s Mega-centre at Jurong East, also known as Mulberry Jurong East (Creative), is the brand’s largest centre, at 13,000 square feet in size. Opened in January 2016, it is also one of Mulberry’s newest schools, and the flagship school in Western region of Singapore.


An Oasis of Wonderment and Awe


Designed and decorated from the ground up with the goal of instilling awe in every child, Mulberry Jurong East (Creative) makes good use of its space by creating large, open areas filled with colours and beautiful learning corners. Bright paint adorns the school walls, and ceiling-length windows emphasise the open concept of the centre even more by flooding the school with warm, natural sunlight. Mulberry Jurong East (Creative) offers classes for both pre-schoolers and infants alike, and this is reflected in the design of the school.


A passionate and dedicated team


As part of Mulberry’s promise to provide premium quality infant and child care services, Mulberry has an experienced, passionate team of staff members filled with love for children. At the helm of this team of passionate individuals is the centre principal, Miss Shermaine. A confident leader and exuberant personality, she brings her love for children, a sincere heart, and years of deep experience to her job of managing the brand’s largest centre daily. We ask Shermaine about her role at the Jurong East (Creative) centre.


Award-winning curriculum


Mulberry Learning Centre offers the best of global curriculum and educational pedagogies, e.g. Multiple Intelligences, Reggio Emilia, and Habits of Mind. It has won awards, such as the “Best of the Best Preschool Award 2015”, where it was voted “Best in Promoting Positive Learning”. In addition, Mulberry is the first and only preschool network in Singapore and the world to offer “Habits of Mind” to preschoolers, and to be certified by the USA. So wide is the appeal of “Habits of Mind”, that MOE’s Gifted Education Branch also adopted it to promote intelligent thinking in the top 1% of Primary School students in Singapore! This ensures that your preschooler gets to benefit holistically through a trusted curriculum model crafted by educational experts and recognized globally.


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