We are a tight-knit community of teachers and students who love learning and love excelling the process. We use innovative teaching methods to ensure our kids love the learning process, combined with top-quality teachers, teaching assistants and curated learning materials to drive their performance ahead of their peers.


We pride ourselves in our teachers, who are handpicked from a rigorous selection process. Our team of tutors are all NIE-trained and fully experienced full-time tutors. Within our team, we also have ex-HODs. Our dedicated tutors teach classes ahead of school, so that your child will be able to keep up and excel in tests and exams.


Our specially crafted curriculum ensures deep learning in each subject, making our students adaptable to challenging problems and questions. We also conduct internal mock exams with our own material for students to gauge their readiness, clear any doubts, and boost their confidence before their actual exams.


Years of Tutoring Experience
  • kiki
    April 26, 2020 at 9:58 am

    very well trained teachers

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