The era of the 21st century and the fourth industrial revolution is creating a climate where technology is outpacing on the job skills and hence creating a skills crisis for many sectors including the higher education landscape. To address emerging skills required to deliver value, fundamental changes must be adopted for both the leadership approaches and institutional strategies. Higher Education Leaders, key Decision and Policymakers must make the time and take an interest in acquiring emerging skills to catch up and to manage the technological disruptions. These skills are also required to deliver shareholder value in a rapidly transforming ecosystem. Leaders of higher education institutions must understand the diverse yet complex needs of their students, millennials (new consumers), Faculty, Government, Community, and Parents/guardians.


The 2019 Annual Africa Asia (AAA) forum shall witness Leaders in higher education converge to review strategies and tools for addressing the issues confronting higher education leaders. AAA for 2019 shall:

  • Create an exchange forum for key policymakers and leaders in Higher Education to discuss the emerging issues shaping the sector now and beyond.
  • Evaluate strategies for e­ectiveness and gaps
  • Discuss and brainstorm on approaches that can be used to handle the emerging threats
  • Discuss the current and future skills needs.


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