Data analysis is used in many areas of business activities. The ability to perform statistical analysis, understand and present statistical results helps many in their decision-making process. Although statistical software and spreadsheets are abound, statistical knowledge from users is required to generate meaningful results and reports.


This course focuses on concepts and applications of basic statistical theories and techniques. Students will be able to identify the data type, perform appropriate descriptive as well as inferential statistical techniques to various business scenarios provided, and thus leading to a better decision making.


On successful completion of this course, students are able to:
  1. Use appropriate data collection and data presentation techniques
  2. Apply descriptive statistical measures to business situations
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of probability theory and probability distributions
  4. Understand and apply statistical inference techniques (including hypothesis testing) in business situations
  5. Understand and apply simple linear regression and correlation analysis


Complete the following Business Analytics courses and be awarded with a Professional Certificate in Business Analytics:

  1. Business Environment
  2. Data Analysis for Business
  3. Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel


More Information
  • (Local Institution) PSB Academy
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