The Foundation Diploma in Life Sciences programme aims to instil a firm foundation in the basic knowledge of Life Sciences, while developing the students’ ability to think clearly and to express their ideas, whether verbally or in writing, with clarity and logic.  The modules offered in this programme differ qualitatively from traditional biology, chemistry and mathematics, both in terms of teaching approach and the quality of time spent in the laboratory.


Course Objectives

The objective of this programme is to bridge O-Level students, without a background in Life and Chemical Sciences, to the La Trobe University (LTU) Bachelor of Science degree programmes delivered in collaboration with PSB Academy. It aims to:


  • Impart a sound basis in chemistry,biology and mathematics to non-Life Sciences trained individuals who wish to pursue further studies within the Life Sciences and Biotechnology sectors.
  • Support management professionals (especially those from related industries) who recognise the benefits of acquiring an understanding of Life and Chemical Sciences.
  • Prepare individuals for new career opportunities as they emerge from the Life Sciences and Biotechnology sectors.


Target Audience

  • Individuals with non-relevant qualifications who wish to pursue the LTU Bachelor of Science degree programmes.
  • All professionals and employees working in the Life Sciences, Biotechnology and related sectors seeking to develop basic knowledge and skills.


Progression Pathway

Fdls Ltu Pathway


Practical Facilities

Full-fledged campus with well-equipped life science laboratories.


More Information
  • (Awarding University) PSB Academy
  • (Local Institution) PSB Academy
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