Exposing you to relevant media theory, giving you basic skills in a variety of production modes in media, and connecting you with industry professional, we create an atmosphere that allows you to shape yourself as a creative-industries professional, equipped to understanding the processes behind the scenes of media companies and their impact on individuals and the world at large.


The course encourages you to think and work critically, creatively, imaginatively and professionally within a wide range of contemporary media and cultural practices.


Over the course of the three years, you will cover the key areas of: screen, new and digital media, global and international contexts of media and culture, creative industries, media history and theory, media and cultural research, and media and cultural production.


As the course progresses, you will deepen your awareness of the forms and aesthetics of communication, media and culture texts and how these create different effects and meanings.We will explore the pragmatic, cultural and social significance of the emergence of new technological forms of media and communication practice, their heritage, and how these shape the lived experience of everyday domestic and professional life by gaining a combination of analytical, critical and practice-based skills.



Students automatically become student members of The PSB Academy Student Chapter of Institute of Public Relations of Singapore (IPRS). For more information, please visit http://iprs.org.sg/index.php.


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  • (Awarding University) Coventry University
  • (Local Institution) PSB Academy
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