Opened in August 2017, Mulberry Learning’s new centre at Downtown Gallery in Shenton Way is fast making waves in the local preschool scene, and raising the bar of preschool education. Already well-known for its award-winning Habits of Mind curriculum, Mulberry Learning has once again created another gem – this time a tranquil oasis for parents and an urban learning sanctuary for children right in the heart of Singapore’s financial district.


Here are a few reasons why this award-winning preschool is definitely worth a visit for parents who want only the best for their precious little ones. But don’t say we didn’t warn you – spaces are limited, so act fast!


The Infant Spa


We all know adults can benefit from an occasional good therapeutic massage or soak in the hot tub, but did you know that babies too can benefit from a spa program? The infant care experts at Mulberry Learning certainly do, and so they ensure babies get the privilege of spa sessions with bubbles, whirlpool jets, and soothing lights in specially imported spa pods. Also included are baby massages by a certified baby masseuse which provide relief for colic and digestion, promote blood circulation, and strengthen the immune system.


The Central Playground


Located in the heart of the preschool, the central indoor playground is a child’s dream come true. A 2-storey wooden playground stands in a large sand pit, adorned with a kitchen role-play area, multiple swings, slides, and a wet play zone.
Remember the Road Safety Park @ ECP? The preschool has its own miniature track, complete with a zebra crossing, traffic lights, and parking spots for tricycles and cars. Children learn about road safety rules, all while having tonnes of fun, rain or shine!


The Learning Studios


While many preschools typically have age-specific classrooms, Mulberry Learning takes 21st century learning to another level through the use of dedicated learning studios that allow preschoolers of any age to move around and learn in almost every corner of the approximately 9,000 square feet school. Each learning studio boasts an impressive array of materials, and provides an immersive, in-depth learning journey in the subject – be it the arts, the languages, mathematics or the sciences. Children embark on different learning odysseys each day, making each waking moment a memorable and fun one!
The Habits of Mind Curriculum


Habits of Mind is a framework for intelligent thinking from the USA, also adopted by top schools like Raffles Girls’ School and Raffles’ Institution, as well as Singapore’s Ministry of Education to groom the brightest students in its Gifted Education Programme,


Mulberry Learning is currently the world’s first and only preschool certified by the USA for Habits of Mind. The curriculum, voted by thousands of parents as “Best Holistic Programme” in 2016, instills future-ready skillsets and intelligent thinking habits in preschoolers, moulding them into adaptive lifelong learners.


Award-winning curriculum


Mulberry Learning Centre offers the best of global curriculum and educational pedagogies, e.g. Multiple Intelligences, Reggio Emilia, and Habits of Mind. It has won awards, such as the “Best of the Best Preschool Award 2015”, where it was voted “Best in Promoting Positive Learning”.


In addition, Mulberry is the first and only preschool network in Singapore and the world to offer “Habits of Mind” to preschoolers, and to be certified by the USA. So wide is the appeal of “Habits of Mind”, that MOE’s Gifted Education Branch also adopted it to promote intelligent thinking in the top 1% of Primary School students in Singapore! This ensures that your preschooler gets to benefit holistically through a trusted curriculum model crafted by educational experts and recognized globally.


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