Centrally located on the 2nd level of Tanjong Pagar Plaza amidst the high-rise commercial buildings in the heart of the Central Business District lies a quintessential delight – a cosy enclave with many little faces with big hearts (and even bigger smiles)! Mulberry Learning @ Tanjong Pagar has the winning formula and all the elements of a high quality learning sanctuary for eager young learners!


Educators who go the extra mile


Quietly working behind the scenes are our dedicated lot of pre-school educators. Young, passionate and ever ready to do their utmost for each little one under their care, our teachers represent a key pillar of the Mulberry Learning brand promise – and also a key reason why enrollment at the centre has been growing quickly! Under the guidance of Centre Principal Ms Marie, the educators invest their hearts and soul to groom each child during the key foundation years with the unique curriculum, only found at Mulberry. Emerging from this equation is a well-rounded child who is able to develop up to his/her fullest potential – much to the delight of the parents!


The Driving Force behind the Centre – Ms Marie, Centre Principal


Everyone knows that managing a childcare centre is no easy feat – that is why our Centre Principal, Ms Marie, is truly an extraordinary lady. A mother of 3, with over 22 years of experience. Marie is a hands-on mother, educator and our Centre Principal at Tanjong Pagar. As the face of the centre, she brings out the best in our teachers, and does her utmost to bring a smile to every parent and child too! She tries to personally greet every child who enters through the doors with a big warm smile to make them feel at home. A warm embrace, gentle words and a kind demeanour help coax even the shyest toddler to adapt to the new centre environment with little separation anxiety. Ms Marie leads by example, always listening and ready to share her experiences and wealth of knowledge with her educators and parents.


Facilities – School is always fun, rain or shine


A Wading Pool. A Sand Pit. Kitchen Play and a variety of learning stations and corners. Mulberry Learning @ Tanjong Pagar was designed with educational play in mind. Tucked into a mere 6,000 square feet of space, children enjoy kitchen playtime, sandcastle building, bubble play or just a little wet adventure. No wonder children love the centre and can’t wait to tell their friends!


The Best Holistic Learning Programme in Singapore – as voted by parents in the Young Parents SG Parent’s Choice 2016/17 Awards.


Mulberry Learning @ Tanjong Pagar offers the same popular and unique Mulberry curricular experience that you find across all Mulberry Learning Centres around Singapore – the best in developing a child holisticaly. Specially at Tanjong Pagar, you will also find Japanese language lessons offered as an option for local or Japanese children!


We go beyond literacy and core programmes by exposing our children to arts and music throughout the learning journey. Which is why, Mulberry Learning was voted by parents in the SG Parent’s Choice 2016/17 awards by Young Parents Magazine as the best Holistic Learning Programme in Singapore!


Award-winning curriculum


Mulberry Learning Centre offers the best of global curriculum and educational pedagogies, e.g. Multiple Intelligences, Reggio Emilia, and Habits of Mind. It has won awards, such as the “Best of the Best Preschool Award 2015”, where it was voted “Best in Promoting Positive Learning”.


In addition, Mulberry is the first and only preschool network in Singapore and the world to offer “Habits of Mind” to preschoolers, and to be certified by the USA. So wide is the appeal of “Habits of Mind”, that MOE’s Gifted Education Branch also adopted it to promote intelligent thinking in the top 1% of Primary School students in Singapore! This ensures that your preschooler gets to benefit holistically through a trusted curriculum model crafted by educational experts and recognized globally.


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